Don’t Learn About An Inventions Assignment the Hard Way

The jargon of the trade calls them “inventions assignment” or even more technically “employee proprietary information and inventions agreements”.  In layman’s terms, it means if you “invent” something using your employer’s tools or facilities, information provided to you, contacts, proprietary information, or related to its […]

New Business Checklist

Congratulations on starting your new business!  Hopefully you’ve worked with a good business attorney such as myself and an accountant to find and set up the proper legal entity.  So now what? Here’s a new business checklist. One thing I’ve seen with small business owners […]

Five Reasons To Embrace Your Business Lawyer

Business lawyer. Okay, an actual hug may cross the lines of professionalism. But here’s five solid reasons why your business attorney and his legal advice make you a better owner, with confidence that your business is running legally and efficiently. Let Your Business Lawyer Help […]

Use Corporate Resolutions In These Five Circumstances

This article discusses best practices for using corporate Resolutions (includes LLC and partnership) (see THIS ARTICLE on how to draft them).  For ordinary and routine business operations, corporate Resolutions are not needed.  However, under certain circumstances a Board of Directors, LLC Managers or Members, or partners […]

Vendor Contracts (Pt. 3)

Does my business need to hire a business lawyer for vendor contracts?  A question I get asked a lot, the answer is not always, but often times it helps to have the guidance and control that good legal advice and drafting can provide. Something as […]

Time To Call A Business Lawyer (pt.1)?

Do I need a business lawyer? Not every business transaction needs a business lawyer.  You know that.  When one business sells materials to another pursuant to a purchase order, that’s a legally binding transaction, but the parties can’t possibly need or want a lawyer every […]