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Licensed Professionals

Licensed Professionals. I worked for the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation for eight years prosecuting Illinois licensed professionals for violations such as gross negligence, malpractice, and breach of ethics. During that time I learned the intricacies of multiple licensing statutes, and the complex rules implementing them.

Your professional license is special. You worked hard to get it. Work just as hard to keep it. If someone makes an allegation of professional misconduct to your licensing agency, you need to respond, and respond intelligently.

I use my eight years of experience to defend your license in both civil lawsuits and licensing actions, and I help you in business transactions, partnership and business formation, and contract drafting.

In licensing hearings, I will coordinate with your civil attorney and insurance company to make sure your rights and assets are protected. All three of us have to work together, as a team, to ensure that we all have a consistent defense and tell your story clearly and accurately, without opening you to liability if at all possible.

Professional license liability defense includes:

• Defense before the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation of license violation charges

• Defense before the various North Carolina professional licensing agencies

• Licensed professional corporate entities

• Civil litigation including defense of professional malpractice, breach of contract, money owed claims

• Health related professions including doctors, nurses, dentists, psychologists

• Design related professions of architects, professional and structural engineers, and land surveyors

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