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I’ve been practicing business law longer than I care to admit. My name is Michael Palermo, and I was born and raised in Chicago.  After 47 years in the city and almost 25 years as a lawyer, I needed a change.  I took a year off in 2014 to recharge, living in the remote mountains of Idaho.  In 2015 I settled in Asheville. Now I’m an Asheville business lawyer serving this great city and surrounding WNC area including Hendersonville, Waynesville, and down the mountain towards Marion, Sylva and Franklin.

business law asheville hendersonville wnc
Business Lawyer Asheville, Hendersonville and WNC

My law practice helps all sizes of companies and high growth start-ups with their legal documentation.

In my career as a business lawyer I’ve represented major labor unions and pension funds; the State of Illinois architecure, engineering, and land surveying boards; some of the largest chemical companies in the country; and the State’s largest roadbuilders and underground contractors. (See my full Resume HERE) I’ve taught law school; and published multiple business law articles (Download articles HERE).

What I do for my business clients: prompt and experienced attention to your project. Helping businesses form. Bringing on new owners and investors. Working with employees and independent contractors. Getting your contracts in order. Helping you plan your business exit by setting up a succession plan, or selling. Helping you buy an existing business or merge with another.

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In my spare time I referee high school football, and umpire high school and summer league baseball.

Let me use my 30+ years of litigation, government, and transactional experience to help you and your business. 

Contact me if you have any questions on any business transaction. In western North Carolina, Asheville, Waynesville, Hendersonville, Marion at (312) 671-6453.

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