Non-profit Formation and Governance


Non-profit: Asheville is the undoubted home of all things non-profit, community and charitable in the U.S. But your non-profit still has laws and regulations it must follow in order to keep providing services according to its mission.

Non-profits are structured much like any other corporation, which makes them simple to work with. But they also have their own additional rules of conducting their business including tax regulations and rules to maintain their tax-free status, which of course make them more complex to work with.

I will consult with and represent your non-profit with formation, growth, and management and fiduciary issues, plus ordinary operating problems. Every business idea deserves respect and the chance to succeed with its mission, and I will help in that goal. Non-profits are just businesses with a different goal. I’ve worked with billion dollar, global chemical companies, and now I bring that high level legal experience to the streets to help non-profits thrive.

• Business structure to maximize income

• Non-profit formation and governance

• Waivers, disclaimers, disclosures and other contracts

• Help with vendor contracts and disputes

… and whatever else your non-profit needs.

Nonprofit formation
Nonprofit lawyer

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