Embrace the Legal Structure of Your Business

Why should business owners embrace the legal structure of their business? This article applies to corporations, limited liability companies, even partnerships. Any legal structure where there are two or more owners. What is the “legal structure” of a business? I know, this starts out like […]

“Share” Terminology in the Corporate Structure

I might do a few of these posts about share terminology in the corporate structure. Today I’m talking about authorized, issued, and outstanding shares. There’s three states a share can be in within the corporate structure: authorized (sometimes called “available”), “issued”, and “outstanding”. “Authorized” Shares […]

Corporate Decision Making: Who Controls a Business?

Corporate Decision Making: Who Controls a Business? There are competing interests in mid-sized and larger corporate ownership. Hopefully all parties work toward making the business successful and putting out a quality product. However, these parties often disagreement about how to make that happen. This post […]