Franchise: The Basics of Expanding Your Empire

Franchise: The Basics of Expanding Your Empire.

In this article and podcast, find out what is the legal definition of a “franchise” and why you might want to stop using that word when offering sales territories to outside sales agents. I also discuss what are the risks of buying into a franchise system, the legal stuff. Next, I discuss how difficult is it to start a “franchise” system for expanding your current business. Finally, I talk about what are some better alternatives to franchising your small business, such as bringing in new investors or business partners to open up new locations, or getting a traditional bank loan and just plain old expanding.

“Franchise” in the legal sense is a complicated business plan for selling a sales system and product to a third party for making money. If you sell a “franchise” of your business to what amounts to an outside sales person, without following the detailed franchise offering regulations, your business may be at risk of paying a high judgment to an aggrieved “franchisee.” Even more fun, each state may or may not (!) have its own relevant statute, or a general anti-fraud statute. Best to consult an experienced lawyer like me.

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