Legal documents your business needs

Episode four: The legal documents your business will need, and the issues your business will face running your business when working with outside parties such as vendors and customers.

Legal Documents to Run Your Business

In this podcast I discuss externally focused legal business documents like customer and vendor agreements, and what are the critical elements needed in them. This includes terms of payment (how much, when due). They should also contain quantities and quality of goods or services to be provided – you’d be surprised at how often the legal documents are missing “what am I doing for this customer ” or “what is this vendor providing to me.” Also, I talk about working with landlords and the fact that there is no such thing as a “standard lease” despite every landlord in the country saying so. We discuss when to give personal guarantees for loans and leases.

Legal Documents
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In this and my other podcasts and articles, hear about leases; commercial loans; employment contracts; customer purchase orders or agreements; vendor agreements. Listen to the podcast here:

Thanks to Matt Mittan and BizRadio AM 1350 in Asheville for letting me present this series.

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