Business formation: Corporation or LLC or … other?

corporation or llc
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Corporation or LLC, Business formation in this Episode One podcast:

STARTING YOUR BUSINESS: In this podcast I discuss business formation. Also what structure should your business be (corporation, LLC, partnership, sole proprietor). Listen to find out what documents are needed (Articles of Incorporation / Organization, Bylaws or Operating Agreement); and how to work closely with partners and investors.

“I want to start an LLC” is something I often hear, and my response is always the same: “why?” Starting a business, whether corporation, limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietorship, takes more consideration than just a quick internet search. I’ve been doing this 25 years. I’ve seen the gamut of what works and what doesn’t. When I consult with clients on forming their business, we’ll discuss the type of business, the industry, the founders’ personal tax situation, and the tax pros and cons of the various business forms. We’ll discuss the plans you have for growing your business, and ultimately exiting your business. Then we’ll talk about liability protection, both for the owner, and the business assets.

Thanks to Matt Mittan and BizRadio AM 1350 in Asheville for letting me present this series.

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