Five Reasons To Embrace Your Business Lawyer

Business lawyer. Okay, an actual hug may cross the lines of professionalism. But here’s five solid reasons why your business attorney and his legal advice make you a better owner, with confidence that your business is running legally and efficiently.

Let Your Business Lawyer Help You Set Up the Founding Structure

One:  I help you set the founding structure for your business.  Whether corporation, LLC, partnership, a properly formed business structure will act like the foundation for a building.  It provides the basis on which everything else is built, whether it’s shareholder and officer roles, client contracts, employment relations, or tax savings, the founding structure of your business sets the rules for everything else.  More than just, “I need you to form a corporation for me,” your business lawyer will work with you to give you legal advice to help determine which is the best business form based on his experience and discussions with you relating to your current and long term goals.

Your Business Lawyer has Experience that You Don’t Have

Two:  I have experience that you don’t have, and I will share it with you.  I’ve practiced business law in one form or another for 25 years.  In the past I worked with labor unions, pension funds, state and federal regulatory bodies.  I’ve defended global chemical companies, and two-man plumbing shops.  I’ve helped form and advise many different kinds of companies.  That means when I advise your business on one issue or another, I’m bringing my experience working with labor unions, pension funds, etc. to the advice I give to you.

I know the rules

Three:  I know the rules.  Lots of them.  Not all of them, but lots of them.  And I can find the rules quickly and efficiently and tell you what they mean.  Have a question about minority shareholder protections? Been there, done that, I can figure out how they apply to your situation relatively quickly.  Does your business need to post any notices to its employees?  Probably, but talk to me first and we’ll work out if they are required, and if so, which ones and where they should be posted.

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I’ve seen the mistakes you’re about to make

Four:  I know things about your business that you may not know.  Okay, I don’t pretend to be an expert in your business, but did you know that “XYZ” statute regulates how you can sell that product to the consumer?  Did you know that for contracts over a certain dollar amount, or on certain issues, you need a written contract or you may not be able to sue for non-compliance?  I’ve spent a lot of time strolling through statute books, I’m aware that there are a *lot* of regulations governing business.

Five:  I will give you peace of mind.  Having the first four huggable issues taken care of, you are now free to run your business using these structures that we’ve put in place.  You’ll know that you are saving as much as you can on taxes; that you’re in compliance with relevant regulations; that your employees and co-owners know their role, and that you are treating them fairly and legally.  Peace of mind.

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