Share Terminology in the Corporate Structure

I might do a few of these posts about share terminology in the corporate structure. Today I’m talking about authorized, issued, and outstanding shares. There’s three states a share can be in within the corporate structure: authorized (sometimes called “available”), “issued”, and “outstanding”. First Up […]


Regulated professions. It’s a geeky hobby of mine, browsing through the statutes to see what interesting topics the legislature was thinking about.  Like in Illinois where one needs to be licensed to engage in the business of removing eggs from their shells.  Seriously. Here’s just […]

New Business Checklist

Congratulations on starting your new business!  Hopefully you’ve worked with a good business attorney such as myself and an accountant to find and set up the proper legal entity.  So now what? Here’s a new business checklist. One thing I’ve seen with small business owners […]