The Laws of Growing Your Business Seminar

Ready to start and grow your business on the right track?

Start your business out right by creating a clear framework for operating the business, growing it, working with investors, and selling it.  In this business seminar we’ll discuss considerations for the new entrepreneur such as: who makes critical decisions; who has a right to share in profits; how to bring in new partners and how to plan for outside investment, growth and transfer.  We will also focus on the most common business forms of one of sole proprietorship, corporation, and limited liability company, and discuss examples of forming a traditional corporation and an LLC.

We will discuss traditional business forms versus tech and high growth startup, and considerations for the startup founders. It’s all about growing your business, after all.

Register here:  Carolina Small Business Development Fund Seminar

In addition this business seminar will introduce the business owner to some of the important employment laws for the small to medium sized business owner. We will cover what makes someone an employee versus an independent contractor; what wage and overtime laws apply; workplace safety regulations such as OSHA and “Right to Know” laws about hazardous substances; and discrimination laws.

Presenter Michael Palermo is a business lawyer with decades of high quality experience in working with startups and traditional business since 1992. He is also the owner of Palermo Business Law Firm with offices in Asheville and Chicago.

Registration is free of charge. Light breakfast is included.

For this and all your businesses legal needs, call me in Asheville, Hendersonville, Fletcher, Waynesville, and all of Western North Carolina at (312) 671-6453, email at, or for more information