Fiduciary Responsibility of Nonprofits Seminar Dec. 10

I’ll be presenting a seminar on the role of a fiduciary in a nonprofit this coming Tuesday, December 10 in Brevard, NC.

Most nonprofits distribute funds for a specific benefit in the community where they live. It is critically important that each nonprofit have a protocol to oversee the accurate and deliberate distribution of the resources they control, and to ensure that funds are not misappropriated or mis-invested. Any person who not only handles funds of a nonprofit, but who manages funds and spending may be subject to the fiduciary rules for nonprofits.

To forget or not execute this oversight is asking for very bad outcomes. In this seminar I and Sam Winogrond, CPA, will help nonprofit executive director and board members work to discover where fiduciary obligations lie for their own nonprofit. We will also discuss strategies to ensure fiduciaries are meeting their duties of overseeing nonprofit funds.

Here’s the link, please register, this seminar already maxed out on capacity and we had to change to a larger venue:

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